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Here at ASD, I specialize and take GREAT PRIDE in allergy friendly and temperament compatible puppies for ANY and ALL people. We raise mainly Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles, but also have added Multigen English Goldendoodles as well as Multigen Cockapoos in limited breedings. Our Breeding stock comes from only the finest lines, that have been thoroughly tested for health and screened for temperament. I was one of those people that said I would NEVER have a dog, but after my first, I washooked! In THIS case, the "ASD" stands for Autism Spectrum Disorders, as I have children previously labeled w Autism Disorders, (their Father's side - haha)! That said, I am a "normal" mom with "normal" kids, - whatever that means - now, with the added love of DOGS!

As I began this search for the perfect puppy for my "near perfect" children, I needed our prospective pup to be allergy friendly and non-shedding to accommodate my children (and my lack of wanting to vacuum), as well as intelligent and mild mannered. After extensive research, I ended up with our first two Australian Labradoodles, and the rest is history. In fact, this breed originated for use as Guide Dogs, and are also utilized as COMPANION dogs for children and adults. Because of their temperament and intelligence, well bred and nurtured Doodles are increasingly being trained formally as Therapeutic Companions.

Because I left my "professional world" to stay home with my children, and only after seeing the benefits this breed has had for us, I decided to take it a step further and involve our children and other families in this latest endeavor. Raised IN HOME, these dogs have been invaluable to their progress, success, and most of all, happiness. I soon decided to add Cockapoos as well, as they possess many of the same traits that we so desire. Trained formally or not, these dogs are just plain wonderful! Thus, ASD now offers these wonderful pups to ALL types of people - old, young and in between. Much time is devoted to each dog and puppy, always raised in homes as pets, therefore developing the finest of the Breeds!

Check us out - we hope you will find that one of our prospective pups will bring you as much joy & laughter as they have brought us. If nothing else, you may get a smile if not a laugh at our pix!





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