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We currently live in a progressive part of a developing city in California, approximately 30 minutes outside of Sacramento. We never expected to take this "path", offering this wonderful breed, but after owning our own, and seeing first-hand the camaraderie they brought my children, in my excitement, I quickly transitioned to where I am today - nurturing and facilitating these quality HOME BRED and HOME RAISED pups for you to enjoy!

I have children who were early on identified with "Special Needs" - having Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders, (hence the "ASD" in our name), and one child with ADHD. Yes, they are genetically mine, so clearly the issue is the parents, (dad's side)! We are no "sob story", and do not define ourselves by that at all. We do not allow our kids to use any perceived or previously defined disability as an excuse for not doing their best, being respectful, as well as being productive and successful. If you saw my children now, you would never in a million years be able to guess which has and "label", and why. They have come so far and are all wonderful testaments to to hard work and persistance. In fact the child that did not have such label is the one trying to slowly kill me each day! Above all, we maintain humility and a sense of humor! Our dogs and pups have been invaluable to our kids progress as a whole, sense of responsibility, and especially their sense of unbiased camaraderie. Not being told, you would likely see nothing different about us at all!

So let's be honest - we must like chaos! Actually it is organized chaos, as I am the OCD team leader with the label maker who keeps all in control per se, (well most of the time anyhow)! The children just follow orders like little worker ants (haha), and know the routine of life well, and thrive on structure. I also have a full-time assitant that works with me in addition to a fully licensed veterinary technician as well, and a great Vet team that ensures the health of each mamma and daddy and puppy before they come to you

Before transitioning into this slice of our Labradoodle adventure, I did thousands of hours of research, and spoke to many of the most knowledgeable, successful, and quality Labradoodle Breeders in the business. My goal was to maintain and create quality lines of Multigenerational Labradoodles, and to involve my children in the process and to be able to assist other families obtain their doggie comrade as well. I wanted to be different in some way than many other breeders who also offer this breed.

My dogs AND pups are TRULY "Home Raised" in that they do live IN our home, or in the homes of our partner Guardian families as their pets, whereas many breeders' dogs reside OUT of their home in kennels, and occasionally, if ever, enter INTO their home. ALL of our dogs AND pups are raised, sleep, nurtured, and spend most of their time INSIDE homes as beloved pets. We could not do this without the great help of our wonderful Guardian families who only give the best to their fur babies as well. On the other hand, our dogs and puppies can and DO play and run outside as well. Therefore, they have the best of both worlds, and will come to you very socialized, well adjusted, and often with basic training. Most of all, they will come to you having been loved, and from well-adjusted parents who are beloved pets as well! - THAT is OUR difference!

In the mean time, here are some pictures for you to enjoy of us living life, now with the assistance of our Doodles, and above all, with a fundamental sense of humor!



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